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=== ProEconomica TUTORIALS===


First actions in game

Every entrepreneur needs money, and for launching a business will need them too.
How can we gain quick and secure money in ProEconomica?
By solving tests and accomplishing works from the ”ACTIVITIES” menu. Also, you can get employed at a company for a certain salary (choose the appropriate offer from the Labor Market)or participate at the Competitions – after launching the first company.
Munci EN.jpg

By solving tests we may gain virtual money and Gold *(we recommend you not to change the Gold into virtual currency, but keep it for launching the second company), enough money for launching a new company.
After gaining some money we launch the first company – we recommend to use the app "Analyze the Market" or ask other players from your region with a higher level, which company you should better launch.
The next step is to join a community, in order to easily collaborate with the other players.

You'll find below the steps for launching a company *(the first company is free, but for the next ones you'll have to pay a certain amount of GOLD [1]) and also how can we see the communities:
- under the city image we see the button NewCompanyb.jpg that will lead us to the window, where we'll select the type of the company, and we'll click ”free” in order to create the company;

- in the right part of the city image you'll find ”My State” *(Ghid3.png) that will lead us to a new browser window, where we'll search the desired community and ”join” it, and wait till the leader accepts us.


Personal Development

For virtual character's development experience is needed *(it can be obtained by solving tests, accomplishing works or by keeping the Personal Status at a high level). The tests and the works can be found in the ”Activities” section.



You can solve one test daily. It consists of 5 questions you have to answer within 2 minutes. Questions are randomly selected from all available questions.

Why do you need tests? Firstly to improve your knowledge of economics, and not only economics. In addition, tests give you experience points and money. If you answer all the 5 questions correctly you'll receive a bonus in experience points, money and Gold.



The works last 5, 15, 30 minutes, or 1,4,8,12 and 24 hours. Each accomplished activity will bring you money and experience points, and each level pass (accomplishing the entire set) will bring you a bonus that includes also abilities points. Now only the 24 hours works are to be repeated for 5 times, the rest of them have to be done even for 100 times in order to receive the bonus. After completing one set, for the next one will appear some requirements, like adding abilities or investigating technologies (see the image below). Are available 5 categories of abilities, with 6 abilities each.

Munci EN.jpg


Another possibility to gain virtual money, experience and Gold is to participate to the competitions. There are competitions of 2 hours or 8 hours.


A 2 hours gained competition brings you a revenue of 40 USD or 24 EUR and 10 experience points, but an 8 hours gained competition - 100 USD or 60 EUR, 25 experience and 0,5 Gold.
When competing, energy is very important (Ghid12.png ). It decreases with 40 % at an 8 hours competition and with 10 % at a 2 hours lasting competition, and increases with 4 % per hour.

You may choose your opponent by country, user level, number of companies. It's better, at least for beginning, to choose players with similar characteristics, in order to create equivalent battle conditions. At the moment, the competitions are based only on the revenues collected from the companies' sales (excepting the Joint Stock Companies and Laboratories).

Personal Status

If the tests, works and competitions reward us without the need to spend money or GOLD, in order to maintain the personal status it's necessary to buy products from the market for individuals*(Market.jpg ), from the government or from the specialized shops *(if there are no available products on your local market- change the country and you'll find them on other markets).


By raising the user level new character's necessities will be unblocked – in the example presented in the image all the necessities are unblocked.

By satisfying these necessities we'll receive experience points.
In order to consume the resources we'll click on ”+” PrimaryFood.jpg or ”Deposit” Deposit.jpg.
In the opened window we'll see our stock, how many products we can consume( the type of the to be used product- for which the yellow button Consume is active and the entire section is of a blue color), the incrementation (10 % incrementation = 1 p experience) and we also have a link to the market *(if we don't have the product in stock).
In our example we can consume 10 dairy products, 1 product offers 2% incrementation and 0.2 p experience, and in stock I have 30 products.


The necessities of the virtual character are presented in the following table:


My Home

At the beginning of the game you don't have enough money to develop your home and neither it's profitable to invest in raising it. Although, when we have enough money it's better to raise the level of the home, because each level offers 10 % efficiency, an useful aspect when working at a company- a bonus to the salary is received, according to the efficiency level.
Raising the home level is very simple – we buy the products, click on "Add" and either we are redirected to the market *(just like in the image), or in the place of the Add button will appear the Build button – in the image we need 120 more pieces of stone, 1 window and 1 wardrobe.



Legal entity – companies

LLC Companies”

It's very simple to launch a company, but if you don't analyze the market or you are not part of a community, in time it will be pretty difficult to resist, because you won't have where to sell your products. At the moment there are no problems of this type, but in future it may be possible. For example, if there are already too many companies of a certain type, and you create one more, it's obvious that the possibility to sell the products will be very low.
In order to launch a company click on ”New Company” and a window will open where you'll have to choose the type of the company *(there are more than 60 companies) and press the button on which the price is indicated – the first created LLC is for free.

After launching the company clik on ”no name” – and you'll be leaded to the company's page. CompanyPanel.jpg

The next step is to transfer money from the individual to the company MoneyTransferq.jpg, by introducing the needed amount and pressing the button Ghid28.png. For the first time, for raw materials you'll have to invest at least 400 USD 240 EUR.
After this step buy the needed raw material *(Waterq.jpg - don't use the button ”Market” from the main page, because from there you enter as an individual !!!) and the specialized equipment for your company *(Equipmentq.jpg). You'll hire virtual employees *(SearchVirt.jpg) or you'll offer jobs for real employees *( SearchReal.jpg – see firstly the job offers in order to place an appropriate salary.
If you have employed virtual or real workers, you have equipment and raw material it's time to start the production. Select the number of employees *(it has to be equal to the number of available employees), number of products and press Start. For some of the companies it's not needed to select the number of employees and products, it's enough just to press "Start". At the employees section you'll see something like x/X, where x- my employees, X – the needed amount of employees to start the production. In this case, you'll need just to press ”Start” – if you have enough raw material and employees for production.

If you have enough money, it would be good if you could buy technologies *(you'll have the button that will direct you to the market, where you'll select the desired technology), because they can raise your production capacity and can reduce the costs of the raw materials. In the presented example you can buy from the presented labs - the technology for crop rotation, level 1, at a price of 6000 MDL (600 USD or 360 EUR). This technology increases the production capacity with 5 %, and increases the productivity with 1%

After the end of the production process, the obtained products have to be placed on the market. You have the possibility to choose the price according to the minimum and maximum limits – in my example, the cement can be sold at a minimum price of 10 MDL (1 USD or 0.6 EUR) and a maximum price of 11 MDL – the products at a minimum price are sold quicker. For this action press the button "Sell", then select the amount you want to sell and the price. Also in this section you may visualize how your products are sold *(My sells) and what products you have on the market*(My products on the market).

JSC – Joint Stock Companies

JSC (Joint Stock Company) is a company managed by many players. In order to place it on the Stock Exchange Market are needed 1.000 Gold and 20.000 USD or 12.000 EUR (10 % of the company's stocks) or 100 Gold and 2.000 USD or 1.200 EUR (1 % of the company), if you want to become a stockholder. We mention that the game offers the possibility to become the single stockholders of the company, if the entire stake is payed. In order to start creating a company the button NewCompanyb.jpgis pressed and then is selected the text ”JSC” . Choose one of the five types of companies - bank, electricity, water, oil and natural gases.

CreateSAEn.jpg MarketSAEn.jpg

Here is how the JSC will appear in "My companies" section: MeniuEn.jpg

The JSC will start its activity only after all the stocks are sold. 10%En.jpg

After all the stocks of a JSC are sold *(if there is no majority stockholder) the general director will be elected. He is the one who will manage the company, leading it either to bankruptcy or to success, by making it a real money factory.
In order to start the production will be transferred the amount of money needed for starting it (between 10.000 -40.000 USD or 6.000-24.000 EUR, it can be transferred by any of the stockholders – the stockholders decide how will contribute each of them in order to start the production) Ghid37.png, are bought the raw materials and equipment and are hired virtual workers (a JSC may work only with "virtuals", their number is related to the level of the company) and the production starts. If there is enough money, virtual money can be converted daily to Gold *(at the level 1 – can be converted 50 Gold, at a price of 5.000 USD or 3.000 EUR, the amount of Gold that can be exchanged increases according to the company's level – with 5 Gold more for each level). After this conversion is made there is no way back to change the GOLD into virtual currency. Also, the stockholders can't be cheated by the general director, because the money can be retrieved from the company only through the application DistributionsEnb.jpg, that automatically gives to the stockholders the amount of Gold or virtual money according to the percentage held. In conclusion, the interest of the general director and all of the stockholders is to buy daily the offered Gold, in order to take the maximum advantage of it and to distribute it,because there is no way to cheat (the Gold after conversion can be withdrawn and can not be used for buying goods or shares). This is what developers want - fair gain for both sides. If the stockholders don't like the general director they can ask/force his dismiss from the menu VotingEnb.jpg.
In a JSC we have 4 menus - if we don't have a majority stockholder, or 3 menus - if we are majority stockholders (the "Voting" section is missing). The stockholders have anytime the possibility to visualize the activity of the general director or the other stockholders. In this way in the ”general” menu we'll se the existing in the JSC amount of virtual money, if the production is active or not, details about the company (level, location, employees, etc.),we can transfer virtual money (any transferred amount will be lately distributed to all the stockholders)if we are just stockholders; or start the production, buy raw materials, hire workers, change the name -if we are the general director. In the menu ”Distributions” we can visualize the gain (Gold and money) distributed to the stockholders, according to the held percentage - if we are stockholders; or convert virtual money into Gold and distribute Gold and/or virtual money to the stockholders. In the menu ”Voting” (appears if only there is no majority stockholder) the general director will be elected (if we have the necessary percentage for voting) or the dismiss of the general director may be asked (any stockholder can use this option). In the menu ”Shareholders” we see the general director, his counselors(2 unique counselors) and the percentage of the stockholders.
Here are presented all the types of JSC:









A little bit different type of JSC are the Banks. Here appear the menus "Credits" and "Deposits".


Here are represented all the sections of the menus for JSC.

Section "Shareholders"


Section "Distributions"


Section "Credits"


Section "Deposits"


If we click on ChangeSettingsEnb.jpg (only for Banks) from the "General" section, we may change the settings for credits and deposits.


My Office

It's an application that helps us increase our revenues obtained from selling the products from the LLC companies. Each level brings us a bonus of 2 % - for example if I sell a product for 40 USD (or 24 EUR), and I have a productivity of 14 %(ProdEffShareEn.jpg), I will receive 14% more money this means 45.6 USD (or 27.36 EUR) – 40 USD from the buyer and 5.6 USD as bonus from the state. The productivity can be increased through ”My Office”, owned real shares or by having a VIP package. Raising the level of the office is simple, it can be made just by pressing the button Add.jpg - that may lead us to the market (to buy the necessary materials – in this example I need 2 more pieces of board, 300 pieces of stone, 2 windows, 2 doors, 1 table and 2 chairs), or will be raplaced with the button "Build" . AttentionOffice.jpg


Players' Benefits

Charging the account

The simulator ”ProEconomica” is totally free, but if you want to quickly develop your virtual character, increase the number of your companies and obtain real financial benefits (we could say you become partner in game development), on long range, you can charge your account with a certain amount. At your disposal you have various payment methods(you'll find them in the right side of the screen) – paypal, webmoney, mobilpay, xsolla (a payment system that allows you the possibility to pay with credit card, skrill, etc.). The minimum charging amount is of 2 Euros, the maximum is of 200 Euros. For each amount you receive a bonus (see the images with the current bonus). With the money introduced you can buy real shares (bellow you'll see their advantages) or change them to Gold- the currency used mainly for launching companies or buying ”VIP” packages.

Real Shares

A method to gain money in this game, together with the application ”Invite” (10 eurocents are offered for each player invited through the refferal link Inviteb.jpg) is the real share holding. Shares can be bought at a special price, a limited period of time (1 euro/ real share, almost a week) when you raise the user level. Also you'll find shares on the Stock Exchange Market *(Market.jpg - StockMarketb.jpg) where you'll be able to buy them from the state (1,5 euro/ real share), or from other players (with Euro or Gold). Holding real shares brings gains in Gold, virtual money or even Euro, also a bonus of ”productivity” and ”efficiency” (see the table in the image), according to the number of held shares.

SharesMarketEn.jpg GainSharesEn.jpg

See how many real shares do you have by using the button ”Shareholders” ProdEffShareEn.jpg, where you can see also the bonus received, and the generated virtual shares.

My2shares.jpg Bonus2Shares.jpg

Virtual Shares

An LLC company generates virtual shares according to the number of real shares held. Virtual shares can be exchanged to real Euros, at a certain conversion rate – that increases according to the amount of exchanged Euros, the rate is reset once in 90 days. In the images presented below the player raised the 2nd level of the companies. In this way, those 2 real shares have generated 50 virtual shares. He will be able to exchange them in Euro at a rate starting with 1000 virtual shares/ 1 Euro (using this table – 1500/1 euro + 1600/1euro + 1700/1euro – this means for 3 Euros are payed 4800 virtual shares).
VirtSharesReceived.jpg VirtSharesEuro.jpg ExchangeVirtEuro.jpg

NOTE: The game is conceived to offer a fair players remuneration system (read the regulation available at ”ProEco Reward”) and limit the frauds, in this way a player can withdraw only 30 % from the invested amount, once in month (without accumulation, this means if in this month he haven't retrieved money, in the next month he also 30 % may withdraw). The amounts that come from the "Invite" menu are also a gain from this game.

===ProEco Conclusions===


ProEconomica is an ambitious project that simulates an economic society, and has the advantage of offering the possibility to gain some real benefits, together with developing business skills. Because developers do not encourage and never developed ”ponzi” schemes, the revenues (benefits retirement) are time limited and are awarded according to the contribution made to the project development (financial contribution, or even the contribution with time, promotion/marketing etc.). In this way, a part of the profit generated by the system is just returned to the ”collaborators”. You can find many details about game developers *(their accounts are known), and in the final version also about the company that owns and develops the game. So, first of all, ProEconomica is a game created for entertainment, which offers the advantage of sharing the profits with the players.

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