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Regulation of rewarding and ECO capitalization

1. The virtual currency “ECO”, equivalent with Euro (the charge 1ECO=1Euro) was specially created for those players who financially supported the project in its implementation and launching period, so that they could have the possibility to become in future shareholders and permanent beneficiaries. ProEconomica is not a game of real gains; is not related to lottery, gambling, financial pyramids or the like. It is a project that will allow remunerating monthly the active players, for various activities and contests specially organized by the Administration of the project, including with Eco bonuses and other awards. Some players, who offered moral support, who showed their fairness and activism (inviting players, chat activity, consultancy, regular and long lasting visits, participating in activities and contests) also can become beneficiaries of the application by having various advantages in the game, and they also can be financially rewarded if the Administration decides so.

2. Monthly a player has the right to be rewarded for the Invite Module with the amount of money indicated in the referral application, at the Bonus section. The amount is offered in Gold or ECO on ProEconomica account or on an account indicated by the user, especially if he supported some personal expenses.

3. Those who have received ECO from the referrals module “Invite” have the right to be rewarded as soon as they accumulate 10 ECO earnings in that application. The amount is offered in Gold or ECO on ProEconomica account or on an account indicated by the user, especially if he supported some personal expenses. In this regard contact the Consultant responsible for financial issues.

4. A player can be rewarded per month, for participating in various activities or contests specially organized by the project’s Administration, with maximum 30% from the invested amount. There is a commission of 40 % retained from the amount of reward. The sum is offered in Gold or ECO on ProEconomica account, or on an account indicated by the user, especially if he supported some personal expenses. The minimum amount of remuneration is of 10 ECO. In this regard contact the Consultant responsible for financial issues.

5. Players who haven’t provided financial support to the project and didn’t use the “Invite” application, or any other activities or contests organized monthly by the project’s Administration, but brought some other benefits to the project can be rewarded at the discretion of the Administration. In this regard, they have to gather an amount of ECO on their account and reinvest it. The minimum amount for reward is 10 ECO.

6. Amount reinvestment. A player can reinvest the amount of the ECO reward for a 20 % commission. In order to do this the player has to keep the amount of ECO in his ProEconomica account. The reinvested amount will be added to the total sum increasing in this way the total monthly reward for the future activities and contests, organized by the project’s administration. In this regard contact the Consultant responsible for financial issues.

7. If after checking the account something suspicious is detected, like: taking advantages from programming errors, inviting inexistent people in order to obtain Bonus, creating multiple accounts - followed with fraudulent acquisition of money, Gold, ECO or other benefits, the Administration is in the right to delete all the money, GOLD, ECO, Experience and other goods at its discretion, including to permanently delete the account without preventive warning.

8. Reward represents the amount of virtual currency (GOLD, ECO) from the project’s applications, or from other activities or contests organized by the Administration of the project, that you can monthly receive on your personal ProEconomica account, or on the account mentioned by you, according to the regulation and with all the commissions related, especially if you supported some personal expenses.

NOTE: This Regulation may be modified and completed by ProEconomica Administration.

Sincerely, ProEconomica Administration

ProEco Terms and Conditions

Please read these Terms and Conditions before using this site. The on-line services provided by allow you to create an user account, and among other opportunities - you will be able to create a virtual character, to form communities and take part in the discussions on the forum. In order to use the site you have to register. The persons that register give their consent that the introduced data is real and authentic.

What should you know?

1. is a project with all rights reserved , source code and design is registered and patented at the State Agency on Intellectual Property.

2. Use of site for commercial purposes is strictly forbidden, in this regard commercial purpose is considered to be any attempt to promote or sell a particular product, to send some messages with commercial information and other activities carried out for profit through the site. It is forbidden to promote other sites, regardless of the methods used.

3. The use of another person's account with or without her consent is forbidden.

4. It is the user's responsibility to ensure the compatibility and compliance of the software and hardware used.

5. It’s prohibited to create on the page multiple login accounts for the same user.

6. Is forbidden the use of indecent language that involves the use of obscene words, offenses against other persons and illegal statements (both in game and in the discussion forum, or username).

7. Use of electronic methods of attack, and blackmail in real life in order to get certain advantages in the game is prohibited.

8. You are not allowed to multiply, process, or publish any content of web pages

9. ProEconomica is not responsible for the content of messages posted by users

10. It is allowed to connect through the link with ProEconomica pages. Proeconomica reserves the right to revoke this authorization.

11. If not using the account for an extended period of time it can lead to its automatic deletion.

12. The transfer of data or software that can influence the hardware or software of recipients is banned.

13. Accept that any question, suggestion, idea, message or information you send to us (by posting on the website or by e-mail) is confidential and may be used at our discretion.

User’s obligations

1. Keep the privacy of your personal data. Do not reveal your password to third parties. Enter your password and login only on the site

2. If you suspect that someone could use your access data, immediately inform ProEconomica to change your contact details.

3. Let us know if personal data changes (such as e-mail address, name, etc.).

4. When detecting errors in the game, the user must immediately notify ProEconomica team about them. Benefiting and exploitation of such errors is considered illegal.

5. Avoid disrupting the functionality of web pages

6. It is prohibited to access the application using an anonymous account.

7. Is forbidden to use some tools in order to eliminate the advertising placed on any ProEconomica web pages.

8. Use the site for recreational or educational purposes. It is prohibited to use the site for commercial purposes (without an agreement with ProEconomica) or for purposes that contradict the moral and legal obligations.

9. Any types of attacks on pages using IP addresses viruses, Proxy servers, etc. that can shut down this page.

10. It is forbidden to inspire from applications, in order to use some ideas in other online projects, without registered consent of Proeconomica leadership.

11. Do not take actions that conflict with legislation


1. If not respecting the conditions and obligations set out above, ProEconomica reserves the right to remove and exclude, without preventive notice, the user account and delete the contents of messages that do not meet the criteria.

2. Violation of regulations can result in temporary or permanent suspension of user account, or other sanctions - the decision being taken by ProEconomica.

3. If the violation of these obligations falls under the Civil Code, or Criminal Code, the user will respond under these provisions.


If you have any complaints or objections regarding the material displayed on the site, please contact us by

Other Regulation

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