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===ProEco Terms and Conditions ===
===ProEco Terms and Conditions ===
===regulament 3 ===

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Regulation of remuneration

1. The “Shareholders” application was specially created for those players who financially supported the project in its implementation and launching period, so that they could have the possibility to become in future shareholders and permanent beneficiaries. The „Shareholders” app is not related to lottery, gambling, financial pyramids or the like, but it’s a module that will allow people who founded the project to be remunerated, not only with money but also with bonuses and other awards. Some players, who offered moral support, who showed their fairness and activism (inviting players, chat activity, consultancy, regular and long lasting visits) also can become beneficiaries of the application by having various advantages in the game, and according to the decision of the Administration they also can be financially remunerated.

2. Monthly a player can be paid for the Invite Module with an amount that doesn’t exceed 30 % from the offered financial support. The amount is offered in Gold or Euros in ProEconomica account.

3. Those who gained money from the referrals module “Invite” have the right to be paid as soon as they accumulate 20 Euros earnings in that application. The amount is offered in Gold or Euros in ProEconomica account.

4. Players who haven’t provided financial support to the project and didn’t use the “Invite” Menu, but used GOLD for buying real shares can be remunerated with Gold.

5. The amount for sending the money from remuneration to the players on ProEconomica account is of 20 Euros, in this case is charged a fee of 20 %. For withdrawals fewer than 20 Euros, a commission of 30 % is charged.

6. All the financial sums for remunerating the players are offered in accordance to the availability of the financial resources from the budget posted on the site, specially allocated for this – ProEco Remuneration Budget.

7. If after checking the account something suspicious is detected, like: programming errors, inviting inexistent people, creating multiple accounts - followed with fraudulent acquisition of money, Gold or other benefits, the Administration is in the right to delete all the money, GOLD, experience and other goods at its discretion, including to permanently delete the account.

8. The financial sums from the Remuneration ProEco budget are gathered from the players’ support, profits from promotion and other incomes of the ProEconomica project.

9. For the next years, the rate of remuneration specified in the point number 2, will be changed according to the Proeconomica revenues obtained.

10. Remuneration is the sum of money (GOLD, Euro) from the Shareholders module or Invite menu that you can monthly receive from the project on your ProEconomica account, according to the regulation, with all commissions related.

ProEco Terms and Conditions

regulament 3

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