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(How to gain real money in ProEconomica?)
(How to gain real money in ProEconomica?)
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=== Various Questions===
=== Various Questions===
====How to gain real money in ProEconomica?====
====How to be rewarded in ProEconomica?====
ProEconomica is a specially conceived project that is able to reward the loyalty of its participants. By being an economic simulator, ProEconomica offers the possibility to win real money. A first option could be inviting friends to play. So, for each invited friend, who becomes an active player (reaches the 1st level), ProEco offers 10 real euro cents. For more details: []
ProEconomica is a specially conceived project that is able to reward the loyalty of its participants. By being an economic simulator, ProEconomica offers the possibility to be rewarded. A first option could be inviting friends to play. So, for each invited friend, who becomes an active player (reaches the 1st level), ProEco offers 10 real euro cents. For more details: []
Furthermore, by buying real shares and developing the companies you obtain virtual shares, that can be further exchanged into real euros at a given exchange rate.  
Furthermore, by buying real shares and developing the companies you obtain virtual shares, that can be further exchanged into Gold at a given exchange rate.  
For more details you may read the Regulation of remuneration2 [[Regulations]]
For more details you may read the [[Regulations]]
====What are the real shares and virtual shares?====
====What are the real shares and virtual shares?====

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Management Questions

Can I play from the same Internet connection (same IP) with another player?

If you use an Internet connection in common with many people (Internet access on the same IP) is required to notify administrators of the game about that, and you won't be able to have any transactions between these accounts. Each player is allowed to have only one account. Please, follow the rules!

If it's found that its regularly played from multiple accounts using the same Internet connection, without declaring, this may lead to account blocking.

What can I do if I haven't received the activation link?

By introducing the e-mail and the security code here, you may receive your activation code.

What can I do if I forgot my password?

By introducing the e-mail and the security code here, you may recover your password.

How can I submit a message to the support system?

You can send a message to the support system by using the game app Consultant or by sending an email to

Can I delete my account?

No. At the moment you can't delete your account.

Can I change the username?


How do I set up my personal data?

After log in you press Editpb.png and in the opened window you can change your name, surname, birthday, change the language of display in game or upload a photo of your own. If you access this menu or the first time you can also change other parameters, for example virtual character's location.

Game Questions

Questions about the character

How can I join a community (group)?

Press the button My State Statb.png and a new page will open. Search the desired community and press the button Aderab.png


How can I get employed?

Press the button Labor Market, in the opened window select the wanted job by pressing Apply. In order to start working you'll have to press daily the button Work*(if the company that hired you doesn't have the necessary raw material and/or money press Leave and apply for another job offer). After 15 worked days you'll receive a bonus.

Companiesq.jpg LaborMarketq.jpg

How to accomplish the activities (works)?

Press the button Activities, choose an activity and press Faq4.png. Certain activities need AbilitiesPlus.jpg*(abilities are obtained by accomplishing works or by using 1 Gold – when pressing the button ”+”. The ailities are added by pressing the button ”+”,placed near the ability that you want to increase - Faq6.png).

Munci EN.jpg

The works are of 5, 15, 30 minutes, and also of 1,4,8,12 and 24 hours. This means you are able to activate according to your available time. The works require from 2 till 100 % of health. Each accomplished activity will bring you money and experience points, and each level pass (accomplishing the entire set) will bring you a bonus that includes also abilities points. after finishing one set, for the next one will appear some requirements of abilities and technologies. Only after adding the abilities mentioned and after investigating the technology you'll be able to perform the works. Now only the 24 hours works are to be repeated for 5 times, the rest of them have to be done even for 100 times in order to receive the bonus (complete the set).

How to solve the tests ?

At the "Activities" menu select the "Tests" section. You can solve one test daily. It consists of 5 questions you have to answer within 2 minutes. Questions are randomly selected from all available questions.

Why do you need tests? Firstly to improve your knowledge of economics, and not only economics. In addition, tests give you experience points and money. If you answer all the 5 questions correctly you'll receive a bonus in experience points, money and Gold. TestsEN.jpg

How can I feed/take care of the virtual character, and how can I buy products for him?

By pressing the button ”Plusb.png”, from the personal status, you'll be lead to Deposit.jpg.
If you don't have products in stock press Searchq.jpg
The product needed to your virtual character has a different color and you may offer to him only the amount mentioned in the section ”Consume” *(in this case 10 milk products)
Products may be also bought by using the button ”Market”, by selecting the needed product, the quantity and pressing ”Government's dray”.

What are the Health, Energy and Experience?


HEALTH. The health level decreases when making a certain activity with the value mentioned in it, but at the same time it increases with 2 % per hour. Also, you'll be able to get your health to 100% by using 2 GOLD, by pressing the yellow button placed near. If your health is at 0, you can't activate.

ENERGY. The level of energy decreases with 40 % when you participate in an 8 hours competition, and with 10 % at a 2 hours competition. The energy increases with 4 % per hour. You can increase your energy level with 50 % by using 2 Gold.

EXPERIENCE. In order to pass a user level you have to pick some experience points. These are obtained when accomplishing the works from the Activities, when consuming the products from the Personal Status, or from different bonuses.

How can I raise the level of the home or office?

Buy the necessary materials, press "Add" and then ”Build”

NOTE: By raising a level to your office your productivity increases with 2%. When raising a level to your home your efficiency increases with 20%. The productivity is related to the revenues obtained from the companies (as a legal entity). In this way, by having 2 % productivity at a sales revenue of 100 virtual money, you'll receive in your account 102 monetary units. On the other side, the efficiency influences the revenues obtained as an individual. Thus, if you'll receive (from different activities) 100 virtual monetary units, with a 20% efficiency you'll receive 120 virtual money on your account.

What is the Efficiency and the Productivity?


Efficiency and productivity are two characteristics that increase your revenues. Thus the efficiency gives the opportunity to receive a higher revenue from the activities done as an individual/physical entity(ex: works), and the productivity is related to the revenues obtained from companies.

The efficiency can be obtained by raising the level of My Home. Each level raised offers 10 % efficiency.

The productivity is influenced by the Office level. So, by raising a new level - you receive 2 % of productivity. The productivity may be increased also by using certain technologies into the companies. Additional efficiency and productivity may be obtained by buying a VIP package or real shares.

How can I raise the level of the Deposit?

Press the button ”Deposit” and then LevelDq.jpg

Questions about Companies

How do I launch a company?

Click on NewCompanyb.jpg *(bellow the city image);


In the opened window select the desired company and press on its price *(in this case on 50 Gold). PriceCq.jpg


Before launching a company, we recommend to use the application AnalyzeMarket.jpg *(near NewCompanyb.jpg The first company launched is totally free of charge, but for the next ones you'll have to pay a certain amount of Gold - as presented bellow:

Company 0 - free of charge;

1 = 50 Gold
2 = 70 Gold
3 = 90 Gold
4 -20 =  +30 Gold
21-50 = +50 Gold
51-60 = +100 Gold
61-70 = +200 Gold
71-90= +300 Gold

How to use the application ” Analyze the Market”?

Access the application AnalyzeMarket.jpg(the button is placed below the city image), select the country, region, the city and the activity field, after that click on Searchq.jpg


How to manage a company?

Choose the name of the company from the main page Faq17.png and in the opened window you may change the name, the location of the company *(costs 5 Gold), you can invest money, buy raw material and equipment for production, can hire employees, buy technologies and start the production process.


How do I transfer money from the individual to company's account, and vice-versa?

You can transfer money gained as an individual on company's account, or from company's account to the individual by following some easy steps: - Click on the company name


- In the right side of the window you'll find the section "Money Transfer"


- Type the sum in the middle and click on Sageata1.jpg in order to transfer the mentioned sum from company's account to individual's account, or Sageata2.jpg for transferring the money from individual's account to company's account.

How can I change the company's name and location?

Click ”edit”, choose the name of the company and then click ”ok”:


If you haven't changed your profile, and you haven't launched a company yet, the location can be changed by:

- Clicking on "edit" EditNameq.jpg

- Selecting the region (11) and the city (12), typing the password and pressing ”Continue”


If you already have changed your profile and have launched the company, the location may be changed in this way:

- Click ”edit”, choose company's location then press ”change location” *(!!! it costs 5 Gold):


How can I buy raw material and equipment for the company?

- Click on ”Search”, near the needed raw material– Waterq.jpg, the market window will open, select the desired quantity Faq29.png and click on GovDrayq.jpg *(the necessary raw material has a different color and on its top is written ”used”)


Click on ”Search” from the equipment – the market window will open, select the needed equipment *(its the first from the left and has a different color from the rest of the equipment) and then GovDrayq.jpg

Equipmentq.jpg SearchEquipq.jpg

How can I buy technologies for companies and why?

- Click on ”Search” from ”My technologies” – the market window will open, select the desired technology *(technologies that you may use have a distinct color and on their top is written ”used”) and then click GovDrayq.jpg

UsedTechnologiesq.jpg FindTechq.jpg - The technologies increase company's profit by raising some characteristics, and also by lowering some prices. So, it's a long term investment that deserves its money.

How to raise technologies' level?

- Click on ”My technologies” *(in the right side of city's image)


- In the opened window view the necessary of raw materials, money and other technologies, then buy the materials from ”Market.jpg” *(its necessary to close the technologies window)and press the ”Start” button.


NOTE: By investigating these technolgies you'll be able to raise your company's level.

How can I raise company's level?

From the company's menu click on Level1q.jpg *(here you'll see the benefits of raising the company's level), buy the necessary materials and then press the button ”ok”

ChangeNameq.jpg Attentionq.jpg

How do I hire and fire company's employees?

- Press the button ”Search employees” – in order to find virtual employees, or "Offer a job" in order to place an offer for the real employees on the labor market.

Employeesq.jpg SearchEmplq.jpg OfferJobq.jpg

- In order to fire an employee press the button ViewEmployeesq.jpg, then (in the opened window) press the button ”Dismiss” placed near the real or virtual employee you want to fire;


For being more efficient virtual employees can be "trained" – by pressing the button Raise

What to choose real or virtual employees?

In order to start the production process you need employees, they can be real or virtual ones.

Virtual Employees: are limited. At the moment, in each city are about 10 virtual employees. In the future their number will increase in accordance to the number of city buildings. If you have virtual employees you can start your production whenever you consider necessary. In order to hire a virtual employee you have to have on your account at least 120 EUR or 200 USD, because you'll pay daily for him 6 EUR or 10 USD to the state. The amount is automatically withdrawn during the days. You can give a name to your employee and you can train him in order to increase the number of produced by him items. Only by having a virtual employee you may choose the quantity you want to produce in the wheat mill and bakery. You can fire your virtual employee after 24 hours.

Real employees – are players who applied for the job offer of a certain company. The offers are found on the Labor Market. Within 24 hours he can accomplish an 8 hours work, which will take 20 % of his health. Real employees take part in the production process only if they press „Work”, button that can be used once in 24 hours. If the producer doesn't have the necessary raw materials (excepting the laboratories, shops and wheat farms), the real employee can't work and can leave in order to apply for another offer.

If you want to hire a real person, it's better to take into account the folowing:

1. See if you have the needed amount of money.

2. Don't set low salaries, because in this case no one would like to work for you.

3. If you want to make an offer, check if you have raw material for at least 8 working hours.

How to start the production at the company?

- Select the available number of employees *(if you have the situation from the second image), select the number of to be processed products * and then press the ”Start” button


In order to avoid the situations when you start the production with a less number of employees then the available one, was added the button Max.jpg which helps you set automatically the maximum number of products and employees.

  • See in parenthesis near productivity how many products you can process


How to sell the products to the state and to other players?

- In order to sell to the state, at the lowest price, select the number of desired products*(it has not to exceed the maximum allowed number– in this case 75 - StateSellq.jpg) and press the button ”Sell”

- In order to place the production on the market click on ”Sell”, set the quantity and price, then press "Add".


You can see how many products you have sold *(in total amount – you have an accurate picture of sales made) by pressing the button ”My sells”, and by clicking ”My products on the market” you may view the products you have for sale.

Various Questions

How to be rewarded in ProEconomica?

ProEconomica is a specially conceived project that is able to reward the loyalty of its participants. By being an economic simulator, ProEconomica offers the possibility to be rewarded. A first option could be inviting friends to play. So, for each invited friend, who becomes an active player (reaches the 1st level), ProEco offers 10 real euro cents. For more details: [1]

Furthermore, by buying real shares and developing the companies you obtain virtual shares, that can be further exchanged into Gold at a given exchange rate.

For more details you may read the Regulations

What are the real shares and virtual shares?

By passing a user level, a real share is automatically generated which can be bought in a given period for 40 Gold. If in this period the shares aren't bought by the user, they become available to other players on the market. Players can make transactions with real shares - they may buy and sell them (for Gold) at the price they consider appropriate.

In their turn, real shares generate virtual shares. Virtual shares are offered only when raising a company's level. In this way, by having 1 real share, and raising the 2nd level to the company, 25 virtual shares are obtained (see the table below). Virtual shares can be further exchanged to Gold.

For the real shares held, when raising a level at the companies, it’s offered a bonus in Gold, virtual money, productivity and efficiency. The bonus is given after 24 hours.


How can I buy and sell real shares?

When you raise your level, in the right side you can buy shares at the price of 40 Gold, in a certain period of time


From other players by using the ” Stock exchange market” or from the state (for 1,5 ECO).


By using the button MySharesq.jpg, from Shareholders.jpg, you can go to stock exchange market. You can also sell your shares for Gold or ECO *( Atentieb.png). We mention that between two players is admitted only one transaction per month.


How to visualize the number of virtual and real shares held?

Click on Shareholders.jpg


How much can I gain from the Shareholders application?

You are not limited to a certain amount. You can exchange your virtual shares on Gold. The amount of virtual shares "paid" may vary according to the numbers of exchanges made, till the reset of the exchange rate. The first time, you get 40 Gold for 1000 Virtual Shares.


How and why do I have to invite friends to play ProEconomica?

Press ”Invite a friend”, copy the refferal address and send it to your friends, or just add their email address and click ”Send”

Inviteb.jpg InviteMenu.jpg

We invite our friends first of all in order to create a community, in order to interact and obtain the advantages offered by the game developers. Among these advantages financial benefits are also listed. In this way, according to the category of invitees you can receive a certain amount of experience points, Gold and real money as it's presented below:


BONUS: 1 Invitee + 1 Level = 10 Real Euro cents

Those who will register by following your refferal link will create your first category of invitees. Persons who will be invited by those invited by you - will create the following categories. As you can see in the table, you'll benefit from their account too, even if you haven't invited them directly. Note: - The Experience Points and GOLD you receive when the invitee obtains 20 experience points in the game. - Receive Euro for each level achieved by the users.

How can I charge my ProEconomica account with real money?

- In the right side of the page you'll receive the image with the payment methods;

- In the opened window select the desired amount of money *(we recommend you a responsible play – the transferred amounts don't have to prejudice your family's or your personal budget) and press "Continue";

- In the opened window select the desired payment method and offer the required details *(through MoneyBokers, money are transferred instantly into account).

- ”Why do I have to charge my account?” – because it makes sense to reward the work of developers with a small amount of money, and not because there is a possibility to withdraw real money at a certain point. And because its as normal that the online games, soft-wares, used in personal purposes, to be provided with an open source license *(just like Linux, AdobeReader etc.). But in order to dedicate themselves for the activity of programming/script editing, java, php, a programmers need money.

Faq59.png ChargeAccountq.jpg RefillAccountEn.jpg

How to exchange Euro to Gold, Gold to virtual money, virtual money to Gold and how can I activate a VIP account?

Click on ”Bonus&VIP” – ”Bonus cards” and then the desired operation.

Bonusb.png TheBonus.jpg In order to exchange virtual money in Gold you have to raise the 4th user level. Starting with this level you'll be able to convert 5 Gold per month (30 days). The amount of Gold that can be converted increases with 5 Gold when raising a level. In this way, according to the example below (the image) - at the user level 12 can be converted 45 Gold per month. The amount is NOT accumulated through the time. This means if you won't raise the level till 13, in the next month you'll be able to exchange the same amount of 45 Gold - and it doesn't matter if you did or did not convert Gold in the previous month. You can exchange Gold to virtual currency without limits. ConvertGold.jpg

- Click on ”Bonus&VIP” – ”VIP”and then ”Apply” for the desired VIP status

VIPq.jpg TheVIP.jpg

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